lifeLife Assurance
Life Assurance gives you the comfort of knowing that your loved ones will be provided for should you die. There are many different ways to arrange life cover and we can help you find the most appropriate plan available.

When linked to a mortgage, Life Assurance ensures that in the event of death your mortgage will be repaid. This means that your dependants will be left with a mortgage-free roof over their heads.

There are two common types of Life Assurance linked to a mortgage, Level Term and Decreasing Term.

Level Term Assurance provides a set level of cover for the term you choose. Decreasing Term Assurance covers you for the term you choose, but the level of cover decreases through the term of this policy, usually to coincide with the reducing debt on your mortgage.


contentsBuildings and Contents
Buildings and Contents will be a condition of your mortgage that you have to insure the buildings of your property.

Buildings insurance will cover your home from such events as fire, flood and subsidence.

It generally covers the bricks and mortar of your home along with any fixtures and fittings within the property, and contents insurance protects the possessions within your home.


While buildings insurance is not compulsory, if you have a mortgage, it is likely to be one of the conditions imposed by your lender.

As soon as you buy a house and exchange contracts, you become legally bound and responsible for the property.

It is therefore essential that you ensure you have buildings insurance in place from the exchange of contracts to protect you from potential disasters out of your control.

Along with fires and floods, a good buildings insurance policy will protect your home against storm damage, subsidence, burst pipes and vandalism. Failure to have cover in place could result in you having to pay out thousands for repairs or even being left homeless.

Our expert advisers will talk to you about the level of cover you require, including any valuable items, bikes etc., and will be able to find you the most appropriate cover available for your circumstances.


accidentAccident, Sickness and Unemployment
This is one of the most common protection products as a mortgage payment is often someone’s biggest commitment. Commonly known as Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover (ASU), this can give you peace of mind knowing that, in the event of redundancy or illness, your mortgage payments will be made and your home will be safe.

Most standard mortgages do not have any protection insurance included, so it's important to decide what kind of separate cover you need. Usually payments are made for up to a maximum of 12 months, but if you would like to be covered for longer than this you may want to consider taking out income protection.


illnessCritical Illness Cover
Critical Illness Cover (CIC) is similar to Life Assurance but it pays out on diagnoses of certain illnesses as opposed to only paying out on death.

For just £21.58 per month you could buy £34,000 of Critical Illness Cover2. And, the younger you are, the cheaper the cost could potentially be. For this relatively small amount, you could help yourself and your family cope for a while without income to pay household bills and debts. This would mean one less thing to worry about at this very stressful time. CIC will pay out a lump sum which could also cover other expenditures like:


• Private treatment
• Prescribed drugs not available through the NHS
• Changes to your home
• Paying off all or part of your mortgage